From Hobbyist to Rebel With A Cause

In 2001, I saw some pretty medical alert bracelets that go with different outfits and I wanted some, but couldn't afford them, so I decided to make my own. Fast forward to the present and I see that's what sparked my artistic self!

In 2003, I got tired of making medical alert bracelets and started to make jewelry with only a few tools and beads. My family and friends helped supply-wise by donating old pieces they didn't wear anymore, so I took them apart and made new designs from them. Little did I know that this would be the mission of my future full-time business!

In 2005, I had been working for the local YMCA and living on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi for two years and excited about the prospect of buying my first home there. Unfortunately, hurricane Katrina swept away all of my hopes for that dream. The oil spill in 2010 made it worse!

I had never heard of climate change before, but after a lot of grief (for myself, friends and family), I determined to become as eco-friendly as possible and incorporate more and more old materials into my work so they won't go into the land fills.

Right now, I live one mile north of Jackson, our state's capitol and always trying to find authentic vintage materials to buy locally first and online second. I believe this will help me keep in line with my mission to be as eco-friendly as possible!
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