Amethyst is representing noble, elegant, noble, luxuriant and power, the beautiful legend for amethyst covered romantic color. In the western tradition, amethyst is the warmest symbol in February; it stands for honesty, kindly, good luck and calm. At the same time, because of "valentine's day" is in February, amethyst naturally become lovers exchanging gifts, became a token of affection expression, became the symbol of love forever. 


For those who are in the Christian, Jewish, Zoroastrian, Buddist, Hindu, Islam or Pagan religion, the Tree of Life is mostly about joining the two or three realms of heaven, life and the underground.


The chain is 16-18 inches (adjustable) and the pendant is 1-6/8 tall and 2-1/8 wide.

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Tree of Life

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